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Our Story

     Thrive Medical Partners, founded by pioneers of the Atlanta Interventional Pain industry, specializes in serving commercial insurance patients with acute or chronic pain issues as well as patients with Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation claims. 


     The unique characteristics and nuances of Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation in Georgia are well-documented, and Thrive is exceptionally versed to provide excellent patient care while being a trusted and reliable partner to other stakeholders. Beyond traditional pain procedures, Thrive can manage the entire patient’s care plan from in-office initial consult through to imaging, chiropractic, physical therapy, and orthopedic needs by utilizing our extensive provider network.


 We pride ourselves on three main areas:

  1. Patient care – Nothing is more important

  2. Transparency – We know the importance of communication, documentation, and responsivenes

  3. Flexibility – On everything from scheduling to payments