Auto Accident Injuries

Not At-Fault? You'll Pay Nothing!

Thrive specializes in treating all types of injuries caused by an auto accident. We work on direct lien & Letters of Protection meaning our patients will have no out-of-pocket expense during the course of their auto accident injury treatment. What may seem like a small auto accident injury can often require extensive recovery and rehabilitation.

We work closely with our network of experienced physical therapists, chiropractors, imaging centers and orthopedic surgeons to ensure you obtain the best care and treatment plan to ensure a full recovery from your auto accident injuries as quickly as possible.

Auto accidents can cause many traumatic injuries, including:

  • whiplash

  • lacerations

  • bone fractures

  • musculoskeletal injuries

  • head trauma

  • amputated limbs

Contact us immediately if you have been in an auto accident to schedule a consultation and examination, discuss treatment options and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to help you recover. For orthopedic care, consider the orthopedic surgeon in the link below:


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