Arm Pain

Arm pain is defined by pain or discomfort experienced anywhere throughout the arm including the shoulder, elbow or wrist.


Arm pain can be accompanied by symptoms that may include:

  • swelling

  • stiffness

  • arm redness

  • swollen lymph nodes under the arm

Causes of Arm Pain

There are a variety of reasons you may be experiencing arm pain including injury, strain, overuse or events such as a heart attack. Pain can develop over time or start suddenly and the source of the pain may not be easy to determine. Causes of arm pain include:

  • joint injuries

  • compressed nerves

  • nerve damage

  • heart attack (especially if pain radiates from your left arm)

  • complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

  • fibromyalgia

  • carpel tunnel syndrome

  • joint dislocations

  • tendonitis

  • rotator cuff injury

  • spine conditions

Contact us immediately if you are experiencing arm pain so that we can help you identify the source of your pain, discuss treatment options and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to help you recover. We accept most insurances which can be viewed here.